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Make a Professional Commercial Business Promo Video in Minutes

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This video template allows you to make videos with a duration of 130 seconds. You can insert up to 24 video clips, 29 text lines, and a logo image. You can effortlessly make a commercial business promo video like a pro. It's a great choice as a corporate video.


Business promo videos produced by you in minutes


I bet you are well aware of commercial businesses, and you are maybe in a position to identify a few of them. With current technological improvements, videos have become the best way to make commercial businesses popular among prospective customers.

They are the most efficient and easiest way to dominate the market even when the competition is at its peak. Are you wondering how to boost your market dominance? Worry no more because you can skyrocket your commercial business to the heights you want to go with our business video templates.


How to make promotional videos for your business


Step 1: Insert your content in the form of text, pictures, or clips inside the displayed video parts. View the image preview to ensure the correctness of the video before proceeding to the next step.


Step 2: Select a music track for the video. We provide a great collection of quality stock music. We also offer an option for you to upload an mp3 file of your choice. Another exciting feature of our video is that you can change the music even after the video has been produced.


Step 3: Produce a free preview video and then the final HD video. The preview quality is usually low but good enough for you to check for errors that the video may have. Once you are confident that the preview video is correct, go ahead and produce the final HD video. 


Business video production the simple way


Videos help you reach a greater audience through platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In this way, more people can learn more about your business by accessing the videos.


Videos allow you to incorporate the testimonials of loyal customers. After the target audience watches the video, the testimonials help convince the audience to buy your goods or services.


To have a better connection with your audience. Videos help in displaying your personality. They also help build trust between your business and your audience. This enhances a better relationship, which could result in increased sales and more market dominance.


People tend to remember what they see than what they read. This being the case, creating videos to promote your business makes it hard for the audience to forget about them. This could go a long way in ensuring that your business attracts more customers and makes more sales.

Do-it-yourself marketing videos that give result

In every search, numerous videos are placed, and they significantly boost SEO. Besides, posting videos with some search engines could make your business rewarded with free traffic. This goes a long way to reaching more customers and hence increases the chances of getting more sales.


Most people who visit your business website want to explore before deciding whether to buy certain products they like. Videos help you to tell your customers more about your products and even show them how they work. This makes them interested in your products, and they are therefore more likely to buy your products.


Since many commercial companies mostly use written adverts to market their business, using videos makes you stand out, and your business is likely to attract more customers. This would, in turn, result in increased sales and more market dominance.


Why choose our animated videos for promoting your commercial business


We align our business video production in a direction that favors the achievement of your business goals. Therefore, you are sure to achieve your business goals and objectives, especially when it comes to marketing.


Our video-making process is easy to understand and requires less time to set it all up. You will therefore achieve more and within a short time.


It is free to make low-resolution videos with watermarks on all our video templates. The watermarks are removed after payment, and the video is produced in Full HD.


Our video creator allows you to add music, photos, or text of your choice when making a professional promotional video for your business. This makes us outstanding since we give you room to explore everything you need to ensure that the prospective customers' information is clear.


We give you an option either to download the Full HD video or to post it directly to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


We have flexible and affordable payment plans to suit your needs. You can decide to pay per video or subscribe to our monthly plan and have unlimited access to Full HD videos from our video creator templates. 

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