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Create A Logo Reveal Animation With Golden Particles

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This template is great for any business that deals with gold, silver, jewels, or diamonds. Golden particles, animated logo reveal, background sound effects make this logo animation look stunning and will be a great advertising video for your website, YouTube, or any other social network channel.

How to use our video editor to produce a logo animation?

Our team of animators and programmers been working very hard to make this sophisticated piece of software easy for anyone to use, even without any experience in video editing. By clicking the button above, you will be taken into the area of our video editor for this template, where you need to upload your logo file with transparent background, insert information of your website and produce a sample low-quality video to see if you made any mistakes and how it looks overall.

Editing our template is a very easy process and all options are there for you to use. If you need to change the text color or you want particles in silver and not gold animation, you sure can do that in a few clicks. You can also upload your own music or sound effects file if you are not very happy with what we put there for you or use one of the tracks in our library for free. All music is licensed to use for any of our customers for free.

How golden particles are created?

Our video editor tool uses professional software, After Effects, for template editing. Particles made with a special plugin, called Trapcode Particular by one of our animators. It is a very complex animation and requires a modern top of the range computer, great skills in video editing and good knowledge of After Effects. Our video editor is a tool that allows anyone to edit this template without any experience in video editing and in few simple clicks produce an astonishing professional logo animation with amazing golden particles special effects.

What does our subscription give?

If you are fully satisfied with a sample video, that you created by using our video editor and this or any other template on our website, you can buy an HD quality video with a small fee or by getting a monthly subscription. The advantages of our subscription are great for anyone who wishes to create many videos for themselves or for advertising. Also for people who are planning to start re-selling videos or maybe already in this business for a long time and don't have great knowledge in video editing software, but want to make money.

We have a few options for our pay-per-month subscription to adopt anyone's needs and abilities. For as low as $60 per month, you can produce as many HD quality videos as you need. You could be the owner of a new start-up business company and have a website, where you want to have many tutorial videos for your customers or employees. Or you require many advertising videos for your product, so you can upload them to various websites and social media channels. Or you could be the owner of the YouTube channel, where you have many followers and in need to produce a lot of videos of all places you have visited and want to share it with your viewers. The option for it Is there for you to use.

Pay per video or buy a subscription, it doesn't matter. You will end up with a professional-looking logo animation video for your advertising on the website or any social network.
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